Between street protests and messages on their networks. So spoke the famous on the death of George Floyd


Paris Jackson, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, among others, took to the streets of the united States, despite the pandemic of the coronavirus, to protest against the death of the citizen african-american, George Floyd, at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota. Other celebrities have used their social networks to denounce this act of racism and violence.

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Floyd, 44, was killed may 25 by a police officer after being accused by the employee of a store in Minneapolis, pay with a $ 20 bill allegedly false. In videos captured by witnesses and security cameras, show that George Floyd was arrested in an aggressive way, and one of the officers put his knee between the head and the neck of Floyd, minutes after he died.

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The daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, reported that during the protest he attended, there were violent attacks.”Today started very well, seeing people join with peace and harmony in their hearts. It broke my heart to see it burn in flames. Violence is not the answer. How do we expect to bring our world to a way of life more happy, more high, and more healthy if we bow down so low as those who committed the crimes that we protest? Peaceful protest only,” he wrote.

For his part, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were in the streets of Miami, protected with masks, and banners that said: “The life of the people of color matter”.

“I’ve been trying to find the right words for days. I feel sick to the stomach. Listen to the sound of his voice crying for help is chilling, and the king breaks my heart. I am very sorry that this injustice is occurring. I can not imagine how is life facing racism so constantly,” wrote Shawn a statement on Instagram.

Ariana Grande was on the streets of Los Angeles, accompanied by her boyfriend Dalton Gomez. “Hours and miles of peaceful protests yesterday that had little or no coverage. In all of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood we sing, the people issued whistles and cheered. We could be passionate about, it was noisy, we loved it. Covers for this also please. #BLACKLIVESMATTER“.

The singer, producer and american writer, Madison Beer, went out to the streets of Santa Monica, California, and reported that the police were arresting the crowds, and releasing tear gas.

We leave you with the message of other famous social networks

Harry Styles: “I do things every day without fear, for I am privileged, and all the days because I am white. Not to be racist is not enough, we must be anti-racist. Social change is enacted when a society is mobilized. I sympathize with all those who protest“.

Selena Gomez: “I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to process all of this. Nothing that anyone says can recover what happened. But we can and we must make sure we take action. We have taken away too many lives of black for too long“.

Gigi Hadid: “Racism is not getting worse, is filming. To continue signing petitions, making calls to demand justice, speaking in a loud voice (this is not only if you have a great platform, they can start in their homes and communities) and striving to make a difference in every life that has been taken or affected the wrong way by the pandemic of racism“.

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Enraged. Sickened. Heartbroken. But never surprised. This happens way too often – and the videos that go viral are not isolated events. It seems that only when caught on camera are bigots & MURDERERS even getting “investigated” or fired .. unfortunately, the only way things will start changing is if all these racist, ignorant, monsters (badge &/or not) have to face the consequences – behind bars. && it’s not only an issue with black men being killed by cops … it’s an issue every time we see them being treated, in even non-violent situations, VERY CLEARLY differently than many very-high-risk incidents involving white men; it’s an issue that the President is making dangerous public statements about enforcing the shooting of protesters -rightfully angered by another UNNEEDED KILLING of another black person & DEMANDING JUSTICE WHERE IT IS 100% NEEDED – while, exactly 28 days earlier, I tweeted about white protesters, who stood ARMED WITH GUNS protesting to WORLDWIDE HEALTH PANDEMIC as “very good people” urging the Governor to “See them, talk to them, make a deal.” ?????????? This is, too, an issue about the “Karen’s” we see filmed weekly – using someone’s race as a point to try and push their agenda, while calling the police in situations where their lives are clearly not actually in danger at all….. they’re just plain f***ing racist. EVERY. TIME. feels more disheartening and nauseating because our cries for the Government and Americans to do better it seems unheard of; but even when we feel like what we do isn’t enough or can’t help, we have to do more. Keep signing petitions, making calls to demand justice, speaking out (this is not just if you have a big platform – it starts in your homes and communities), and fighting to make a difference for every life that has been wrongly taken or effected by THE PANDEMIC OF RACISM. THIS IS ABOUT BEING AGAINST EVERY SENSELESS ACT OF DISCRIMINATION THAT BURDENS THIS COUNTRY.

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Justin and Hailey Bieber performed a live broadcast to talk about the subject

Emily Ratajkowski: “Dismantle power structures of oppression.”

Miley Cyrus: “We can’t wait, each must do our part to ensure that justice for all becomes a reality”.

Kylie Jenner: “Never will I experience personally the pain and fear that are suffering many black people across the country every day, but I know that no one should have to live in fear and no one deserves a death as George Floyd and many others. Talk for a long time for the rest of us. Currently we are dealing with two horrible pandemics in our country, and we cannot sit back and ignore the fact that racism is one of them.“

Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Racism cannot be cured with vaccines. This is not science. It is simply human decency”.