Beyoncé, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and all the pop stars that have been expressed with Black Lives Matter


Practically all the queens of pop americans have rallied to join the cry of grief and solidarity for the death of George Floyda loss that has led to the streets thousands of americans and unleashed the feared unrest in some of the large cities of the country. Beyoncé, leader wherever it appears, has posted on his profile of Instagram with a video that encourages its followers to protest in the streets and sign petitions that are entered into its custody and judge the police officers responsible for the death of Floyd. “We have all been witnesses of his assassination in the full light of day. We are devastated and we are very upset. We cannot normalize this pain,” says Bey in his video, which has nearly 8 million views. “Whatever your race, I’m sure you feel hopeless because of the racism that we suffer in America right now. We must stop the senseless killings. You have to finish it think that the people of color is worth less as other human beings. We cannot continue looking the other way”, he continues.

“We have seen many times in the past that these violent murders have not been without consequences. Yes, sometimes someone was convictedbut we are very far as yet that justice is done. Please, sign the petitions and continue to pray for peace and compassion to heal our country. Thanks”, he concludes Beyoncé. It is not the only big star that has written senses messages in their networks. Rihanna he wrote in Instagram that he is leaving the network “to avoid hearing again the agony of George Floyd, begging again and again for his life”. Billie Eilish published in Instagram a brief essay on the privilege of the blanquitud: “If all lives matter, because black people are murdered just for being black? Why is chase immigrants? Why white people have opportunities that do not have the other races?”.

A protester photography’ to Ariana Grande manifestáon The Áangeles.

A protester photographed Ariana Grande manifesting itself in Los Angeles.

Some stars not only published his messages on the social networking, but also took to the streets with their banners to join the call Black Lives Matterthe movement that fights against racism in the united States. Ariana Grande was one of them. Although wearing a large mask, a fan was able to photograph her demonstrating in Los Angeles. In their networks, wrote: “please continue signing petitions, making donationsspeaking with your family and friends about this almost, reading what is published, and sharing links and resources. I remind you kindly that this is not going to end up neither end morning if you just post something once”.

Emily Ratajkowski subi’ to their profile Instagram a photo of the manifestation’re.

Emily Ratajkowski rose to their profile Instagram a photo of the demonstration.

Emily Ratajkowskione of the influencers more combative, also attended the demonstration in Los Angeles with his banner and uploaded a photo to their social networks. also saw other stars, as Halsey and Lauren Jauregui or Tinashe, manifesting as any other person. Their fans have not stopped showing his admiration for the way in which all of these celebrities have put their safety at risk to join the protests. Other as Janelle Monáe and Chrissy Teigen have taken another avenue for support to the protesters: have donated money to fund his bail and legal defense in the event that they are arrested. The largest show, a vezmás, that the solidarity in the world of pop is unanimous.