‘Black Life Matter’: Liverpool is in addition to the protest against racism


The tense situation in the united States after the death of George Floyd he has transcended to the european football, and every time there are more players from elite teams who give their messages against racism. In this opportunity was the champion of Europe which manifested itself in the social networks. The players of the Liverpool published in their accounts for a group photo, supporting the knee on the floor in protest.

George Floyd was an african american man of 46 years, who was killed by a police officer in the city of Minneapolis. The victim was being arrested for the alleged crime of counterfeiting, but the subduing police was exceeded, and the officer, Derek Chauvin put his knee on the neck of the detainee for an extended period of time. Floyd, who complained at the lack of oxygen, he died moments later.

The death of the african-american has ignited a wave of protests and riots in the united States, and the sport has taken an important part in the manifestations against racism. The greatest athletes of americans have spoken out about what happened in Minneapolis, being Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Alex Morgan are some of the main exponents.

European football

The demonstrations against racism have crossed the pond, and there are several football stars, first-line which have been expressed. The first was Marcus Thuram. The son of the great Lilian Thuram put the postcard of the day of the Bundesliga, posing his knee on the turf after scoring a goal. This gesture was popularized by Colin Kaepernick. The former player of the NFL, got down on his knees during the national anthem of the united States, in repudiation of the police abuse against the african american community. The gesture has been taken in the sport world as a sign of rejection to racism.


Now the Liverpool join the cause, and players have posted on their accounts officers a group photograph, with the iconic pose of Kaepernick. The images were shared by the accounts of the ‘Reds’, and have been disseminated under the label ‘Black Life Matter’ or ‘The Lives of Black Matter’. The message of the current champions of european football has become viral in a matter of minutes.