#BlackLivesMatter in the music, and more. #FreimNews – 02/06/2020


#BlackLivesMatter in the music, and more. #FreimNews – 02/06/2020

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Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg and more show their discontent

There are many celebrities that are part of the music industry, and raised to its position due to the current situation of the united States due to the death of George Floyd, however, recognise the importance so great that the black race has in the world of music, and of course they also raised their voice. Artists such as Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé Nicki Minaj to mention a few, they reported in their official accounts of the discontent that live day to day because of racism.

One of the most involved in this situation was Beyoncé who went up a link in your biography in instagram. The link goes by the name “Beyoncé: Too seek justice for George Floyd” this is an initiative to sign a petition on the platform change.org to demand justice for George Floyd, or send a text message with the word “FLOYD” to the 55156.

Blackout Tuesday calls for the music industry

The music industry and its artists make a call to the community to join the initiative BlackOut Tuesday that is to stop uploading content to their platforms and stop its work to the full if it is possible to throughout the day today 2 June. The purpose of this proposal is to highlight the importance of the black race to the society.

The proposal began by Atlantic Records and has spread throughout the industry, the message has been shared by Billboard, Sony, Columbia Records, Apple Music, Warner Music, and many, many more who are putting hands to work to gather forces in this struggle that is lived daily.

“On Tuesday, June 2 Atlantic Records in conjunction with Warner Music Group’s “Blackout Tuesday” we will support our employees, artists and the global community in this day. The music business at Warner Music Group will not continue as always. While this is only a day, we are committed to continue the struggle for a real change…”

Peter Gabriel rise the voice for the black community

If we talk about Peter Gabriel not only admire him for his extensive career as a singer and musician and his great contribution to the rock genre, but also for his human side as co-founder of Witness, an organization created to defend human rights. The former member of Genesis exposes a clear idea about the politicians of the united States that promote the messages of racism with the justification for a nationalism that is absurd for a win for their own benefit.

“This kind of brutality must be confronted directly, and the justice must clearly be seen when and wherever it occurs”

The british announced that his record label is in favor of the initiative Blackout Tuesday in solidarity to their colleagues black of the music industry.

VH1, MTV, Comedy Central and BET are protesting against racism

Last night some channels of entertainment americans like MTV, Paramount Networks, VH1, made a protest really strong with the purpose of eradicating the racial violence that has distinguished itself for years to the united States of America.

The message consisted in cutting off your normal schedule on the dot of 5:00 pm (hours of US) to put the screen in black with the phrase “I can’t breathe” (can’t breathe) that was the last thing that he could say George Floyd victim of the abuse of power and racial discrimination by american police, along with a timer to countdown that marked a duration of 8 minutes 46 seconds which was the time in which left him without breath acribillándolo on the floor until it has become unconscious and subsequently die.

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