Capture Halsey and Yungblud healing people wounded in protests in Los Angeles


Reflector / Reflector / By: Staff NotiGape

Published: June 01, 2020 | 7:56 PM

During the protests in the united States due to the death of unjustifiably George Floyd, has attracted different artists showing their support in this cause, taking to the streets and joining in the demonstrations.

In addition to raise its voice to express its displeasure with these signs of hate, both singers, were imaged with a first-aid kit on the floor and wearing gloves, healing people who were injured while expressing their thought.

Different cops in Santa Monica used rubber bullets against the protestors, some reached out to both artists, despite this, stopped to help walkers who had been attacked in the same way, but with greater severity.

“Do not despise these rubber bullets just because you have been told that ‘non-lethal’. I’ve had to bandage up a man whose face looked like it had exploded completely”, wrote Halsey on his Twitter account, where you will circulate the photos of her and Yungblud, cleaning, disinfecting and covering wounds.

Halsey has been active in social media, using these platforms to promote awareness of these acts, reprobándolos completely, and risking the exit wound, which happened, for demonstrating against the injustices in their country.