Cara Delevingne: “individuality is beautiful”


The new Kate Moss. So it was named Cara Delevingne (London, 1992) nearly a decade ago, when his particular look and attitude cross-country began to gain prominence in the world of the fashion. Were not misguided those who longed for a worthy successor of the great top of the 90. Both were discovered teenagers just the same booker, Sarah Doukas (founder of Storm Models), are british, gamberras and do not respond to the measures dictated by the gateway. But there the similarities end. Because if Kate was like a goddess, enigmatic and unattainable; Face is spontaneous and close. With 42 million followers on Instagramirreverent , natural, and icon of the so-called gender fluid, Face embodies the celebrity in the digital age. With it, the rose assumes his multi-faceted character, and a transgressor; a form of femininity that she always carried to your land. Qualities excellent for be chosen as the image of Dior Addict Stellar Shinethe new range of lipsticks the maison française, which celebrates the pink, that was always the favorite color of Christian Dior. “Is the color of happiness. All women should have something pink in your wardrobe,” said the designer. And Delevingne can’t agree more. “Dior wanted women not only to be more beautiful, but also happier. And the message of this campaign, which has as a soundtrack Pink, the feminist hymn of Aerosmithtouches me especially because it transmits rebelliousness, strength and daring. The motto, Be Dior, Be Pink, it could also be Be Dior, Be Punk. The issue it’s not about being feminine and pretty, but to explore possibilities and break down clichés. I think that cosmetics should be inclusive, it’s also for men! And all the shades of pink allow us to express ourselves freely,” he explains. “In addition, being more pragmatic, these lipsticks are unchangeable. If you knew how and how much I speak in a day, you would understand why this is a quality very important to me.”

And it is precisely with this color sent Cara Delevingne the first sign that it was going to be a warrior woman. When her mother, Pandora, a aristocrat dedicated to the real estate sector, was to dress their three daughters -Chloe, doctor; Poppy, socialite; and Face – with identical pink clothes, she fought to achieve their goal. “Andor I didn’t understand why I had to get something that is not wanted. Today I love the dresses and the pink because I am the one who decides to use them, but then…”. And with that same character maverick he decided to leave the school for fashion when she was only 16 years old. A trip supersonic, from classrooms to the covers, I turned it in one of the models most iconic (and best paid) of the time. But what many of his colleagues would be to reach the goal, to Face was only the beginning. “I always felt like fashion as a job, not as a passion. That’s why I lived with naturalness my step to interpretation -acknowledges-. I love the arts, and from that to the four years I climbed for the first time on a stage in a function of the college, and I felt the audience’s reaction, I knew that was my thrill to the people.” Waiting for him to get that role that will allow him to demonstrate his potential or become the “girl Tarantino”, his dream declaredas he has participated in 11 films since 2012 and has worked with directors such as Luc Besson (Valerian and the city of a thousand planets), and performers such as Elisabeth Moss (Her Smell). And in August premieres his first tv series, Carnival Rowin Amazon. “Why should I choose?Why would they lock me in a box?Why should you be satisfied with just one thing? If I am creative and I have the opportunity to work in fashion while I’m acting, am I not perhaps the girl most fortunate of the world?”, is question.

The word of the influencer

But Cara Delevingne is much more than just a model and actress. It is a influencer in the broad sense of the word. An idol millennial by how she manages her life and tries to influence other young people. “It is important for people to know that individuality is beautiful, whether it’s how you are or who you love. I always try to advocate for tolerance, “he says. In fact, just a few weeks ago celebrated the first anniversary of his relationship with Ashley Bensonthe protagonist of the series Pretty Little Liars (in Spain, Small, lying, broadcast on MTV), going up to his account of Instagram a video of the two kissing. Shortly after, at the gala event TrevorLIVE which was held in New York, which picked up the prize Hero for his contribution to this organization combating suicide in the LGBT communityspoke publicly of his partner. “There is a very special woman in this room that I would like to thank all… She is one of the people who help me to love myself when I need it. She has shown what is real love and how to accept it. I love you, Sprinkles,” he said, referring to Benson.

The commitment with this association is not casual. She herself has confessed that, being younger, he suffered deep depressions that led her to consider suicide. Almost two years ago published his first novel, Mirror, Mirror (Mirror, mirror), based on his turbulent adolescence. Among other things, recognizes that as a child she tagged the prolonged absences of their mother due to their addictions. “I remember that once, eight years ago, I refused to eat until someone told me where was my mother. It was the only thing that he could control. I felt that I had to be a good girl, in addition to strong, because she was not, but the fact of not being as perfect as other children, or not to pull out large notes made me hate myself deeply”. A pressure that became a young, unstable, unable to show their feelings. “I am very good suppressing my emotions and pretending to be good; I think I’ve ever cried before over a person. I wish I had known that it was not my worst enemy and I would have been able to give you a hug myself. What is certain is that I leaned too much in love and in people so that made me happy when I had to learn to be by myself,” he says.

Perhaps as part of that long therapy, Delevingne was one of the long list of women who reported the bullying of Harvey Weinstein. Specifically, through social networks, narrated the two nasty arguments he had with the producer. “I felt guilty for what happened, as if I had done something wrong, and I didn’t want to ruin publicly someone’s life and hurt her family,” acknowledged. But at the margin of all these episodes that have marked its short, but intense life, the Face is adorned with an irreverence that is part of its charm. As when recently participated in the podcast, Ru Paul, What’s The Tee?, he dared to speak bluntly about their sex life. “With men I’m very submissive and with women on the contrary”, he assured with the same naturalness with which he spoke of his love of yoga, his aversion to fame and his psoriasis. At this point, who can you surprise that one of the tattoos that decorate his body to be the lyrics to Don t Worry, Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin, one of your favorite songs?

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