Cardi B blames Nicki Minaj for the leak of his new song “Money”


In the last few weeks it seemed that the confrontation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj had cooled down after the last attack of the first in an interview with W magazine, in which he defended his decision to face his companion profession at a public event for lack of a better place to discuss the way in which this came to criticizing for a long time, outside deliberately ignored by the target.

However, it does not appear that Cardi is willing to forget their rivalry or to give up blaming Nicki for the great majority of their ills, among them, the filtration of their new single. Despite the fact that it was anticipated that the theme of ‘Money’ will premiere this Thursday, in the end he finished appearing by surprise on several streaming services two days earlier than expected, and the interpreter of ‘Bodak Yellow’ has blamed the fans for your enemy to make available the audio who saw the light before timeaccording to their suspicion on the guilt of any employee of the platforms to which it sent a copy early that is made with it and shared it in the virtual sphere.

I hope that the people that are watching this are my followers of truth… not the jo**two seguidores false. As you have seen, my song ‘Money’ has been leaked. So I thought: ‘They give, if it is already out there, the best I can do is to release it’“begins the direct that has made the rapper to explain to fans the situation with his single and the surprising conclusion she has reached about the Barbz, as she is known to the admirers of Nicki Minaj.

“We try to remove it, but you already know the Barbz…”, added putting the eyes in white. “They are always pending of me and post anything that I do. They say that I hate it, but for me that is love because they spend more time my own fans in my profiles. And find out what I bring between hands before mine. That seems a lot like the love, clearly. I know I want to! So to my**da, but can I remove the filtering, I’ll keep going with it.”