Cardi B left without words to interpret ‘eternal Love’, John Gabriel



Cardi B is one of those artists that never ceases to amaze. Always launching a new theme manages to leave us speechless and now, when we thought that we knew all of the artist, has returned to impress us. Through a direct on Instagram and from the kitchen of his home, the artist has sung some verses of a known song. Can you imagine it?

Certainly not. No one would have thought the artist to be knowledgeable of that kind of songs. This is ‘eternal Love’, a song of Juan Gabriel and performed by Rocío Dúrcal. The mexican wrote this highly acclaimed theme of your fist and lyrics to be sung by artists such as the queen of the ranchera.

No one could give credit to what I was seeing through the direct on Instagram. Cardi B was singing in Spanish though so yes, he confessed not to understand what he said the lyrics of the song. Why, then, knew such a classic? Apparently it is one of the themes that the artist remembers listening to his grandmother in the childhood. Without a doubt, an endearing memory.

It is for this reason that the singer, interspersed with a few sips of water with a cocktail, dared to interpret some of the verses most well-known of the topic. There were many people who, without leave of the amazement, do not hesitate to comment on the wonder that is felt with such a surprising revelation of the past of the artist.

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However, there were also those who were complaining about the poor vocal quality of the artist interpreting the glorious theme. “Do I take the hair?” said one of many comments that cast by the ground for its action. Despite the negative reviews, the artist did not fail to wield one of the kitchen utensils as if a microphone were to enjoy doing what he loves most, sing.