Cardi B speaks against Donald Trump after blunt message


LOS ANGELES (united States).- John Cusack, Cardi B, among other celebrities, expressed their anger with the president Donald Trump. The president threatened to use the u.s. military to end the violent protests after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. His comments came minutes after the federal police issue tear gas to disperse the protesters in Lafayette Square opposite the White House.

Trump insisted that, although it is “an ally of peaceful protesters”, will intervene if the states refuse to take the necessary measures to defend the life and property of its residents.” After his speech, the President of the united States crossed the street toward the Episcopal Church of St. John and lifted a bible. According to reports, bishop Mariann Edgar Budde was “outraged” by the actions.

Like the bishop, many of the stars were not very happy with the actions of Trump. John, who made headlines by posting a video in which he asserted that the police officers were beating his bike with batons during a protest at the end of last week, was one of the first to respond to the press conference. “Is declared dictator. Him or us“ he wrote in a tweet.

Cardi B wrote his frustration in the words of the president. “Believe it or not, the president has a lot of power in their language”, tweeted. “Today held a press conference. In place of comfort us by letting us know that justice will prevail and THAT YES! The lives of black matter! He goes and threatens people making people mad more!”. The outrage over the decision to Trump to send a military action to stop the protesters may have something to do with the fact that some argue that it is not legal.

George Floyd has unleashed a social movement without precedent

The protests by the tragic death of Floyd on the 25th of may started right away, and came into force throughout the country and even internationally in Germany at the end of last week. Many photos and videos of the protests made their way through the social media. Some of them were acts of violence, including the burning of cars, looting and the police with rubber bullets and tear gas. The concern for public safety reached its highest point.