Case George Floyd: The protests in the sports world by the death of George Floyd


Case George Floyd Michael Jordan, LeBron, Alex Morgan, Liverpool

Hamilton/ Mbapp
Hamilton/ Mbapp/ Morgan

Tras the death of George Floyd, the greatest exponents every sport in the world, have condemned the racism that oppresses the freedom of african americans in the united States. “Enough is enough”, claimed Michael Jordan, a legendary athlete that alz voice through their social networks.

Four years after placing your knee in the grillage mode of protest for the violent acts over the black race in the united States,Colin Kaepernick continues to struggle. Today, his message takes on greater force: “When civility takes us to the death, the revolts are the only reaction logician”, after the death of George Floyd.

This Monday, one of the teams ms powerful in the world in the football, gave another display of solidarity with the people of the black race. They replied to the posture of the former QB of San Francisco.

The legend active in the Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, also stayed quiet. And showed an emotional video to their millions of followers as well as support of the movement “Black Lives Matter.”

Alex Morgan, one of the players most important in the history of the soccer girls, reprob to the authorities of the Union American by the death of George Floyd.

While in the Bundesliga, Marcus Thuram festej with a decal of Kaepernick.

Then the attacker from Borussia Monchengladbach has been kneeling after scoring goal against Union Berlin in imitating the gesture of Kaepernick, a former player of the NFL, and an activist against the segregacin racial in the united States.

LeBron James, the widow of Kobe, Vanessa Bryant, among other figures of the basketball, and also condemned the brutal act on George Floyd.

The star of the football as French, also of african descent, he was active on social networks following the death of Floyd.

The impressive gymnast of the united States gave its position with a picture on his Twitter account.

The selection of the United States also pronunci in social networks.

Like that of the Tricolor in his account of English.

Money’ has offered to pay up to four funeral services in different cities to pay homage to Floyd.