“Chromatica”: The new album of Lady Gaga is already available


From last week already available on streaming platforms and to download the latest work of Lady Gaga. “Chromatica” is the expected disk that the pop star began to work after his successful performance in the film “A star is born” next to Bradley Cooper and he got a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song for “Shallow”.

In her first single, ahead, “Stupid Love”already gave signals that your sound is set to take the dance-pop, but with the release of the second single “Rain On Me”, which has as a guest star Ariana Grande, cleared all the doubts that came to be installed in the dance floor. This song became the debut largest by 2020 on Spotify, reaching the number 1 global and the united States.

Another important theme of the album is “Sour Candy”, which has the collaboration of the female group in K-pop Blackpink. But the big surprise of this production is the dance “Sine From Above”, where Lady Gaga sings along to Elton John.

These are all the songs of “Chromatica”

1.- “Chromatica I”.

2.- “Alice”.

3.- Stupid Love”.

4.- “Rain On Me” (featuring Ariana Grande).

5.- “Free Woman”.

6.- “Fun Tonight”.

7.- “Chromatica II”.

8.- “911”.

9.- “Plastic Doll”.

10.- “Sour Candy” (with Blackpink).

11.- “Enigma”.

12.- “Replay”.

13.- “Chromatica III”.

14.- “Sine From Above” (with Elton John).

15.- “1000 Doves”.

16.- “Babylon”.