CORONAVIRUS: Shakira sent fans to Barranquilla | Barranquilla


Mayor Jaime Pumarejo said that his twitter account that “Already went out of Miami 10 fans donated by Shakira”, you will be using in Barranquilla for the care of patients with COVID – 19.

The official stressed that fans “join 100 that comes in his way, acquired with District resources and donations. Before June 15, we will have 110 UCI additional patients COVID, increasing in 25 of availability of beds in the city.”

It is worth remembering that the authorities in Barranquilla have expressed their concern that 81% of the beds to the ICU in the city are occupied by patients with diseases other than the COVID-19, most people outside the city, which have been submitted by municipalities or neighboring departments.

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According to the secretary of Health, Humberto Mendoza, the capital of the Atlantic with more than 660 beds ICU between the public and private network.