Course creditable graduate “Screenplay Transmedia” |


Is open the course registration creditable to the Master’s degree in Digital Communication, Interactive, National University of Rosario “Script Transmedia”, which is delivered through the Virtual Campus of the UNR.

The course, whose charge time is 30 hours (3 credits), is dictated by the Mg. Anahí Lovato. Coursework is online from 31 August to 25 September.

Among the general objectives is for the student to be able to experience the process of developing a script transmedia, and between the specific, the learner can identify elements and types of script; learn techniques of writing multi-screen; designing user experiences for narratives transmedia; produce basic documents for the production of a bible transmedia.

Mg. Anahí Lovato: Technology Coordinator. M. a. in Digital Communication, Interactive and has a Degree in Social Communication at the Faculty of Political Science and RR.II. of the National University of Rosario. Coordinator of multimedia content in the Direction of Multimedia Communication (UNR). Screenwriter, transmedia, multimedia, and audiovisual #DCMteam. Teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate degree at UNR and at the National University of Córdoba. She is also a teacher in tertiary institutions as the EPCTV, ISET # 18, and ETHER.

More info: [email protected]