Critical “I, Tonya” with Margot Robbie and Allison Janney


I, Tonya directed by Craig Gillespiebased on actual events in one of the cases in the media and controversial in the 90’s nominated in the figure skating told from the perspective of the person who the media named as the “big villain of the story”, Tonya Hardingthe film was nominated for three Oscars: Margot Robbie competed for the award as best actress, while Alisson Janney who played the eccentric mother of Tonya won as best supporting actress, in addition to competing for best editing.

The tape is a comedy/ drama that chronicles the life of former olympic skater Tonya Harding from different perspectives of all those involved in the attack against Nancy Kerrygan who at that time was the main rival of Harding situation that became one of the cases in the media of the nineties.

What is interesting about this tape is that it shows that every story has at least two different versions that nobody is “good” or “bad” completely, it’s interesting how they tell the story from different perspectives, leaving the viewer to decide what the truth is and understanding the why of the events .

The film complies in general terms because it mixes perfectly all the elements at your disposal as are the drama and the comedy, the jumps in time, the flashback, recreation of scenes and original interview, documentary research extensive, as well as the resources of the moments when the characters break the fourth wall, all with a production management exceptional and deserved to with a vengeance to be in issue 90 of the oscar for this work.

The large fort lies in its extraordinary cast, the australian actress Margott Robie really provides a work worthy of the Oscar showing to perfection the different facets of Tonya portraying in a big way, their emotions as something went as a woman rough and at the same time vulnerable, living emotions to the surface, on the other hand praising the great work of Allison Janney, who portrays perfectly the coldness, indifference and hardness of LaVona Fay Golden mother of Harding, the rest of the cast comprising Sebastian Stan, Paul Walter Hauser and Mckenna Grace complements in a big way.

In conclusion tape is a widely recommended with a story that will keep you interested from beginning to end, with a hyphen solid and great performances that touch on all the emotional aspect, a tape that leaves many points to ponder if you really did justice in the case against Harding, the know what was the role of the media and the different positions of those involved for what is a ribbon safety pin detailing that there are no absolute truths, is currently available in the catalog of HBO.