Cure the protesters injured


The tension in the united States increases each day. A week ago of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota and the protests have already spread to all the states, and even the capitals of the rest of the world. Many celebrities are getting involved in the movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’. The artist Halsey leads to the foot of the canyon from the first day, defending, and helping those wounded by police brutality.

The singer Halsey has always been very vocal about the defense of human rights and has chosen to use his platform to defend racial injustice that the united States has spent years suffering. When she saw that her help in social networks was not enough, the interpreter decided to leave the demonstration in Los Angeles together with her partner Evan Peters.

Halsey has gone to the protests with a first aid kit health the most complete. All in order to be able to heal all the people who are being hurt by tear gas launched by the police or the rubber bullets that are creating serious injuries.

Internet users have not been hesitant to share photos of Halsey and thank you for your effective involvement in the cause. “Thank you for getting involved and putting your life in danger in the first line, protesting for justice and treat the wounds of many, though no one has ever asked”, commented one Twitter user. Another added: “This makes you a hero and I hope those with a platform to do more.”

The social networks of the singer of ‘Without me’ have been full of tips to go well-equipped to manifestation. In case outside little, also ways to help that go from signing petitions to donating money in order to pay the bail of the thousands of people each day are arrested in the protests. In addition, no doubt to show the violent videos of the demonstrations that are not coming out in the news americans. Wow, this has to end!