Days of future past (2014) has a detail hidden Mystical


Many years after its release, comes to light an important twist on Mystique in the movie X-Men: Days of future past.

The director of X-Men: Phoenix Dark (2019), Simon Kinberg, has been the producer of all the films of the mutants and took care of the script X-Men: Days of future past of Bryan Singer. Now has revealed an important detail about Mystic (Jennifer Lawrence).

In the franchise film of the mutants MarvelMystic , appeared for the first time in the kitchen of a young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class (2011), without explaining anything about his past. Like the version of Rebecca’s top romijn in the previous movies, this Mystique Jennifer Lawrence was wrapped in mystery. Although we now know that in reality she was the daughter of Azazel (Jason Flemyng).

Talking about X-Men: Days of future pastSimon Kinberg explained the shocking moment in which Mystique infiltrates in the office of Bolivar Trask and found the photographs of the autopsy of the Scapegoat. “There is Azazel”said Kinberg, “who is her father, but she can never know that”. It is a great twist and a significant deviation from the comics, since Azazel and Mystique were involved romantically. This relationship gave way to the birth of Nightcrawler (Rondador Nocturno). Character also that we have seen in the movies.

Azazel was important in the previous film.

In X-Men:First Classthe villains were led by Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon)among them was the Scapegoat. What looked like demon red, and the power to be transported from one side to the other in the most pure style Rondador Nocturno. So, although Mystical didn’t know that was your daughter, what could be explained in X-Men: Days of future past. This would have given more depth to the character, but decided to leave it hidden. But interestingly, she shed a tear for his fallen comrade.

Now the mutants will have a new opportunity in the Movie universe of Marvel and you can go back to see Mystique and Azazel. Although on this occasion it would be interesting to explain better your relationship and not keep it hidden as in X-Men: Days of future past.