Demi Lovato confesses how much that Selena Quintanilla had an impact on your life


Last march 31, is serving 25 years for the murder of the singer Selena Quintanilla and many artists wanted to remember the queen of tex-mex, especially what did Demi Lovato rindiéndola a small tribute in their social networks.

Demi showed through their stories of Instagram several pictures of the singer of mexican roots expressing his admiration towards her in front of all his followers. “We miss you and we love you, you left too soon, and you will always be an inspiration to me… Angel, rest in peace. I would like to have met you and to that laughter,” said the former girl Disney according to USA Today.

In addition, the interpreter of ‘I love me’ decided to look at their stories a t-shirt with the face of Selena, who, despite his absence, is helping Demi even cope with their isolation. This is thanks to the movie about her life that the actress has decided to put during the quarantine.

The admiration of Demi for Selena Quintanilla comes from a lesson that the latter taught him without even knowing. Selena learned something important about being a pop star in a picture of the movie of Selena in which, interpreted by Jennifer Lopez, the protagonist has no qualms in eating pizza.

“This scene taught me at an early age that it is okay to eat pizza as a pop star,” said Demi about it. “It sounds insignificant, but after having struggled for years with an eating disorder, this struck me in a way that I never forgot. Selena lived her truth every day. He did not mind what people thought of her,” declared the diva.

But Demi is not only admired Quintanilla as a singer, but there are many aspects that the current singer have wanted to highlight his idol: “He broke barriers as a latina woman and as an artist”, “Her love for her family and her husband was very beautiful and will live on through your music and legacy forever,” concluded the celebrity on the that has certainly been his real inspiration.