Do jump the rumours with his last meeting



They are two of the most successful entertainers on the planet and were once a couple. Drake and Rihanna led to a wave of rumors due to their last encounter. Many are the fans who speak of a reconciliation, since the singer from Barbados is single after his break with the billionaire Hassan Jameel. Three years of relationship came to an end with this 2020. Bringing to an end a dating tight, to which the artist only referred on a single occasion in the media. When you still have not spent even a week since it was made public the rupture, several followers realized that it was next to Drake at a party. Both came to the Day of nuts, seeds at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to support A$AP Rocky. Precisely with this artist was related to the celebrity recently.


The former spouse shared the evening separated by just one meter of distance, without coming closer to one another. However, none of the two hesitate to pose with several of their fans to take a picture and immortalize the scene. This meeting happens after they put the end to a relationship of intermittent not finished for good. “We don’t have a friendship now, but nor are we enemies. It is what it is”came to say Drake, without avoid hide the fact that his contact was null. These striking images, which are burned on the social networks prove that there exists a approachalthough it is too early to talk about reconciliation and romance.

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Rihanna and Drake met in the 2009, but it would not be until 2010 when the rapper said that his relationship was more than friendship. Numerous musical collaborations emerged from the romance, which took place after the case of domestic violence suffered by the Barbados by the artist Chris Brown. She would not speak of this courtship with Toronto until many years later, in 2017, giving to understand that he had not marked enough.


Rihanna is currently focused on her personal life, because at the end of 2019, he announced to his fans that he was going to take a break from his artistic career to devote himself to his own. The news of his break with Hassan Yameel arrives, having recognized the artist of the importance that was taking the millionaire in your maturity and life. This 2020 has also come loaded with new features for the of Barbados, including on its aesthetics. So, he decided to give up a large part of his makeup, sporting a more natural look: “We’ve seen skins with lots of make up. I think now we will begin to bet on a makeup really natural, skin that breathes, freckles and things like that.”