Do you know what is the extreme sport that he loves Thalia?


“At the foot of the canyon”, that was one of the phrases with which a nostalgic Thalia he recalled, in social networks, his passion for climbing (yes, you read it right). And that is that this extreme sport that tests your mind and your body, it also has great benefits for toning the figure.

Its 48 years, the mexican is a fan of this demanding discipline. We investigated and now we understand why. Climbing is much more than climbing mountains and rocks and it is precisely that we want to speak to you on the next lines.

Thalia climbing©@thalia
Climbing strengthens the body and the mind

The interpreter Already you Know me, made it very clear: he loves to “connect” with the mountains. And is that just to remember and see photos of his climbing tours, the celeb manages to cope with moments of anxiety, fear and frustration, as you recharge with hope and finds true moments of peace.

If this happens just remembering the experience, what more can you do the climbing for you? Don’t lie, the climb has its risks and demands, but if you are accompanied by professionals and accounts with the necessary implements, everything will go very well.

This sport will help you both physically and mentally. The climbing will be on the move every inch of your body, your biceps, triceps, obliques, shoulders, back, and abdomen will be naturally working on your toning. In addition, it is a healthy and adventurous option for weight loss, yes that will burn calories.

Thalia climbing a rock wall©@thalia
Recommend climbing to overcome a fear of heights

You will need to concentrate, because your body will seek balance in each of the movements. And if you have a fear of heights, it is highly recommended as a therapy, as it becomes a personal challenge with that, you gain confidence.

And is that you up against the wall, rock or mountain. Every step you take will be an accomplishment and a reinforcement of your self-esteem and security in yourself. As it is usually practised in a group, to share and connect with other people developing your capabilities, equipment and integration.

Thalia climbing©@thalia
This activity can be practised in climbing walls or outdoor