Do you want to go to bed with Shawn Mendes? In Berlin you can do it


We know that every time that comes out from his mouth the word ‘Miss’ you imagine what you is saying to youwe know that if for one day you had to change for Her Hair to be close to Shawn Mendes, you would do the effort, and we know that there is no night that does not strain in your dreams and you will go to a lost paradise together. Vale, wakes up and leaves to sigh, this is life. But the good news is that yes, it is possible that you hook up with Shawn Mendesin Berlin!!!

If all of the above you identified, the fact of having to buy a ticket to be with the singer is a nonsense for you, we do not doubt, that’s why we give you all the data to fulfil your secret fantasies. It is thanks to the Museum Madame Tussauds in Berlin, which is already the singer exposed as a wax figure, and with site for fans to your side! As you read it. At this visit you will be able to share a bed with the artist and immortalize that moment. Mira y flipa:

Okay, as you’ve raised another way, but this is already a progress, we don’t say no. And besides, she thinks in the face of your colleagues when you tell them that you have been with Shawn and them send them a photo. To crack of laughing!

And you will say, what sounds to me like me this scene? Yes, is the video-clip of ‘In My Blood’is not that you’re freaking out and you’ve fallen into a déjà vu. Hence, we extracted the idea to immortalize in the form of a wax doll the singer in this museum, because that has been one of their most high-profile since he began his career. And thanks to that now you’ll be able to protagonizarlo you!

And, hey, if finally you decide to take route, since you’re there and for a return visit to fund, you can visit other great as Justin Bieber. It has a figure so realistic that all that happens, you want to be immortalised by your side:

And if you what you will more they are the divas of the music, tranqui, because there is also a hole for them. Watch Taylor Swift: Arrimarte to his side and sing Blank Space, Shake It Out, or the very Counting Moles of Don Patricio is just a matter of attitude… and to let the vergüencita at home!

If you decide to go to this epic image, follow these three essential tips:

1.- Go with someone you trust. To make that kind of photos is not the same if it gives you stick to ask to strangers.

2.- Grab your tickets ahead of time. If not you run the risk of getting there and that the capacity of the day is complete, because there are limited seats for days.

3.- Takes comfortable shoe. From home seems to be a lot of fun, and it is. But to find your artist among so many figure can take hours, and if you’re not prepared, your dream can become a living hell.