Eleven will appear in the second season of ‘Stranger Things’


Spoilers for the House of The


The first season of the series Netflix, ‘Stranger Things‘, consisted of only eight episodes, but were enough for the audience to fall in love with the young characters, especially of Eleven. The actress in twelve years, Millie Bobby Brownborn in Marbella and of british nationality, was the one in charge of giving life to this little girl with supernatural powers, who was the victim of a fateful event in the last episode.

Despite the fact that a representative for Netflix declined to make any statements, according to sources Tv Linethe desires of the followers of the series could become a reality, as Millie Bobbie Brown will again give life to Eleven in the second season. Of course, there has been no official statement about it, and we don’t know in how many episodes will appear but, surely Eleven still has many surprises to give us.

Netflix confirmed last August that ‘Stranger Things’ would have a second season, which would consist of nine episodes, and premiered at some time during 2017. The series will take place in 1984, roughly one year after the events of the first season.


According to some sources, there will be four new characters, of which we already know two. Max, which will be played by the young actress Sadie Sink (American Odyssey), is a tough girl and sure of herself, whose appearance, behavior, and actions are more typical of boys than of the girls of the area. We will also meet her overly confident half brother, played by Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers), which is dedicated to be the girlfriends of other guys, you’re good with the games of drinking and driving a Camaro. But, lurking under that so-called charisma, there is a violent and unpredictable nature.

We leave you with a sneak preview of the second season to the style of a newscast, that has been released by Netflix.