Emilia Clarke reveals how was the recording of the end of the series


Sunday 19 may will be marked to fire in the memory of fans Game of Thrones as the day ended to write to the screen the story of A song of Ice and Fire, giving free rein to the tears, anger and much emotion rating to see the state in which they were Daenerys, Jon, Tyrion, Sansa and the rest of Westeros.

And if for some of the actors and actresses that they knew of the fate of their characters years ago and are still shockedhow it will be for fans of the series, who learned of the end of the story that it took 8 years, or 9 if we consider the hiatus that was taken, to be developed in less than 24 hours.

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Precisely, one of the protagonists of the most discussed during the 6 episodes of the 8th season is Emilia Clarke, who in an interview with Entertainment Weekly revealed what he felt when he read the script and knew what would happen to your beloved Mother of the Dragons.

Of course, then will come spoilers of The Iron Thronethe sixth episode and final Game of Thornes, are warned.

It all started in October 2017, when the british actress received the script of the series, after finishing the filming of Only, the spin-off of Star Wars that revolves around a young Han Solo.

“When I came home I made a cup of tea and started to read them,”he said in the conversation where sincere that he could not believe that after all of your travel in Are ended up murdered in the throne room by Jon/Aegon Snow/Targaryen.

When you go through scene his surprise did not believe, until it came to the part in that to Dany will stick a dagger in the heartdying in your arms by whom he killed, and accompanied by Drogon, the last of his three baby dragons.

What, what, what. This came out of nowhere, I was shocked never saw it coming“, he added.

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After finishing reading the script, “I took my keys and my phone and walked out of the house. I came back with blisters on my feet. I walked five hours. I was wondering ‘how am I going to do this?’“.

The actress was so shocked, because he had a great respect and admiration for the Rompecadenas that he called his mother. “Really what I did, it’s embarrassing, but I admit“.

“I called my mother and told her I read the scripts and I don’t want to tell you what happens, but asking questions really strange“, honest.

His mother, even more embarrassed because I didn’t understand what was all this, “I answered myself, ‘why did you ask us this? what do you mean, if I think that Daenerys is a good person?’, ‘why did I do that question?’why would you care what people think of Daenerys?’,’are you ok?’”.

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“I told him that was fine, but after I asked if there’s anything I can do Daenerys that will make it hate her“ continued Emilia, who did not reveal what was the response of his family.

But she was not the only one who ended up shocked with the end of the series. When we conducted the first reading of the libretto with all the actors in Belfast, where he recorded a large part of the series, and they came to the moment of climax , Emilia says that Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, and his first words were “no, no” then seek the face Clarke.

At that time, she returned the look and nodded. After this, Kit began to cry” told the actress.

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Finally, the british 32 years upholds the life and work of Daenerys in the story explaining that “it really starts with the best intentions and hope they don’t go to be something to thwart his big plans.”

“The problem was that the Stark were unwilling to. She gives them an opportunity, not works, and then cannot go back. Already raised fame and is laid in that bed,” he said.

And all, says he had his breaking point with the death of Missandei in the fourth chapter of the last season, by order of Cersei Lannister and the blows of a sword on The Mountain. “That is the biggest blow, there was nothing that would not do for her. That bankruptcy completely.”