Emilia Clarke stars in a new romantic movie: Last Christmas


Dear Emilia Clarke: you created a character that the generation millennial and Z love, but now we have to turn the page and come back to see you in other roles… and yes, although always love to Daenerys Targaryen, what is certain is that the comedy that you bring between hands, it also promises to make us have a good time.

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Well, a paragraph of love is more than enough to go straight to the point: Emilia Clarke leave behind the character grew up on the set of Game of Thrones to bring us the romantic comedy that nobody expected, but everyone wants to see, more after the launch of its trailer.

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Have you ever wondered how your life would be if it were a elf fustrado Santa Claus in a job in which you do not feel happy? This actually not so parallel is the one that will deal Emilia Clarke in a journey of infinite accidents. This time her name will be Kate, a woman who has been put in a position complicated by life until he meets Tom, a man who seems to be interested in the singular disaster that she represents. What does the name of the film? Last Christmas.

Emilia Clark and Henry Golding star in ‘The Last Christmas’

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Some say that this is an interesting twist in her career as an actress, because though it is not his first romantic movie, it is a rom-com that promises something to laugh at. Although there is still no release date defined, what is certain is that it is expected to reach theaters by December of this year.

Do not miss the trailer:

Here we have a glimpse of the next movie we will see Emilia Clarke.