Emilia Clarke sums up their terrible experiences with stalkers


The decade that just ended was a stage of constant ups and downs Emilia Clarkewith some of the best and worst experiences you could go through any person. From losing a loved one and be at risk of losing their own life, to achieve fame with her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the series Game of Thrones. All of this while dealing with bullies.

During an interview with The Guardianthe british actress is thinking about how having suffered two cerebral aneurysms in 2011 and 2013, while shooting the first and third season of Game of Thrones, respectively, had a paradoxically impacted positive in your career by giving you a different perspective of life. It was then, when the interpreter spoke of their ‘fans’ obsessive.

“I am a human being quite strong enough, so having a father that dies and suffer strokes that coincide with the success[of[deGame of Thrones]and the people that follow you on the street and others that you bully. Simply say: ‘Well, at least let’s try to make something sensible of this,'” said Clarke.

Later, the reporter Eva Wiseman returned to the theme of bullies. In the article it is said that during that period, where the young actress came to think that I could actually lose the life, Emilia Clarke began to find gifts outside his door from people who believe that they have any kind of relationship more intimate with her.

“Dealing with bullies is horrible because, as a single woman walking through the city, I now feel that are following me (…) it Is confusing because to have a relationship with people I do not know is a big part of what I wanted to when you sign [para convertirme en actriz]. I don’t care what art does to people. But it carries a responsibility, and when you leave the door of your house you get [esa responsabilidad] with you. And it is a difficult road to navigate. Because sometimes, [los fanáticos] you grab physically and your instincts come into action. When you see the shock registered in the face of another person, you say, ‘Where is the danger?’ And then you realize, ‘oh, I am, I am the danger'”, further elaborated the actress.

Emilia Clarke recently starred in Last Christmas, a romantic comedy set in the christmas season. The story follows Kate, a young woman with a bad streak that tends to always make bad decisions in your life. But his ill-fated job as an elf to Santa in a shopping centre in london allows you to cross paths with Tom (Henry Golding), a boy that will change their lives forever.

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