#GeorgeFloyd|Coconut Gauff started it all: also Serena Williams raise your hands against racism


The gesture of helplessness launched by Coco in a video complaint gives rise to a great campaign.

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With Coconut Gauff it all began: the young tennis player released a video following the death of George Floydanother citizen african-american unarmed victim of police brutality and racism, in which he wondered “am I next?” lifting up the hands in token of helplessness.

This gesture has incited a campaign launched by the player ATP Frances Tiafoe, american parents originally from Sierra Leoneand his girlfriend Ayan Broomfieldalso a tennis player and canadian, under four major slogans: #raquetsdownhandsup (#abajolasraquetasarribalasmanos), #handsupdontshoot (#arribalasmanosnodispares), “tennisforequialty (#eltenisporlaigualdad) and #thisisbiggerthantenis (#estoesmásgrandequeletenis).

Martin Luther King inspired by the struggle against police brutality against african americans.

The gesture of Coconut16-year-old, symbolizes the helplessness of Floyd, who died last week in Minneapolis after being detained by police for an alleged purchase in a supermarket with a fake banknote of 20$ and after one of the agents pressed the neck with the knee while he was lying on the ground and handcuffed.

Despite the fact that George says several times “I can’t breather” (“I can not breathe”), the police subsequently accused of murder, he continued squeezing, as can be seen in the images recorded by witnesses of the scene with their phones nóviles.

While the slogan #Icantbreathe presides over many of the protests and complaints, the of the skier Mikaela Shiffrin included, tennis players african american women such as Serena Williams, the actual Coconut Gauff or Sloane Stephens and extenistas as Zina Garrison, Lori Mcneil or Sandipan Rubin, japan’s Naomi Osaka, whose father is haitian, or the british Heather Watson, whose mother is from Papua New Guinea, have joined the initiative of the French and Ayan.

As explained both, “enough is enough”, alluding to the racial discrimination and the long list of victims that you just join Floyd.

You also collect the famous phrase of Martin Luther King “our lives begin to end the day we begin to keep silent about things that matter” and invite not only tennis players to join the cause.

“We want to create awareness for the injustices suffered by many african americans here in this country. Needed that all use our platforms to unite us regardless of our social class, gender, race or ethnicity. Let us place our rackets and raise your hands,” emphasized also.

Naomi Osaka, Sloane Stephens, and the tennis, with Frances Tiafoe: #arribalasmanosnodispares

Among the tennis players that appear on the campaign video, which reminds men, women, and african-american children dead at the hands of the police in interventions classified as racist, there is a presence of female weight:

Serena Williams, WTA player
Coconut Gauff, WTA player
Naomi Osaka, WTA player; japanese; her father is haitian
Sloane Stephens, WTA player
Lori McNeill, a former WTA player
Zina Garrison, a former WTA player
Ayan Broomfield, champion NCAA 2019; canadian
Katrina Adams, a former president of the Federation of USA tennis
Robin Anderson, WTA player
Heather Watson, WTA player; british; his mother is from Papua New Guinea
Hailey Baptiste, WTA player

Sandipan Rubin, former WTA player
Asia Muhammad, WTA player
Kagothatso Montjane, player ITF south african (wheelchair tennis)
Sachia Vickery, a player WTA