Halle Berry’s presumed hot body in bikini at 51


The time goes by Halle Berrand; the actress looks spectacular in its 51 years and it shows in social networks.

After recording three movies this 2017, the star enjoys his vacation on the beaches of Tahiti. From there, bragged about their curves and slender figure in a black bikini two-piece. In the picture, Halle is standing on a rock in the middle of the water and raise the arms.

He described the photo with the message: “when your heart says we’re going to eat fries, but your *** says for the love of God, women eat salad. Eat all the pizza and fries you want with your salad, yes?”.

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The protagonist of ‘Catwoman’ shared more photos of their vacation with their 2.2 million followers on Instagram. Some users congratulated by redefining the concept of age and prove that the years are not synonymous with neglect.

Halle has confessed to several beauty secrets. The most important thing is to exercise regularly; walking and resistance exercises are your basic.

The u.s. also puts emphasis on care for the complexion. “When you take care of your skin, you have a lovely and beautiful palette in which you can apply the makeup. I feel that the makeup looks better, lasts longer and looks nicer as well. In fact you can use less if your palette is good,” he says to InStyle Us.

Berry told in social networks that live one of the best moments of your life. In September confirmed that is dating a music producer in the uk 35 years.

Look in our gallery, the sexy pictures the winner of the Oscar.

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The star is not afraid of the combination of the age and the fashion and impresses with a bold look in the sea to show off their charms