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The singer Halsey (New York, 1994) has appeared with hair in the armpits on the cover of the american edition of Rolling Stone. It is a little hair, in fact, that a woman who chooses to shave that area can be two or three days after doing so. But as was to be expected, it is too much for the critics, who have filled the comments section of their photo on Instagram of complaints by what their eyes have had to see and requests to the singer to buy wax. Many of them are signed by other women.

“The discussion of the natural beauty in photography is absurd, because the whole picture is retouched and built. It would be good that we learn to read the pictures and all the processes tuveran more transparency,” reveals a trimmer digital

Many other (and others) held that the Photoshop has not erased the hairs emerging from a singer greeted as one of the princesses of pop and treasures with 24 years two number one singles in the united States. Among those who celebrate and congratulate Halsey are other figures, recognized pop like Demi Lovato or Steve Aoki. The words “natural beauty” appear among the news stories that pick up this cover that it takes three days to inspire debate. But be careful with calling this “natural beauty”: if you well, is worthy of celebration that a pop star with two numbers, one comes out with hair emerging in the armpits on the cover of the music magazine most influential, yet there is little natural in this cover.

“The discussion of the natural beauty in photography is absurd, because the whole picture is retouched and built. Before even getting to the retouching, lighting, makeup, a styling subject with tweezers so that the clothes fits perfectly to the silhouette…”. What explains a trimmer digital who prefers not to give his name: in this industry discretion is required from the contract (you can’t teach the original image, called a photo-taking) and the betrayal is paid until the end (a trimmer will not be easy to find work if it surprises him showing those pictures of the “before”).

With respect to the armpits, it is increasingly common to see hair in that area in photos of women in campaigns for brands that until recently appealed to a canon of beauty very different. Last April, the singer nigerian-american Annahstasia appeared in an advertising image of Nike teaching also hair in their armpits.

It is funny how the hair starts to look, but just waving shyly. A little bit of hair is acceptable, but beware of being too radical in the fight against hair removal. The singer Amaia Romero left a scene brave and almost punk when he went to the awards of the journal Cosmopolitan with the legs without plucking, and posed in a photocall covered entirely by the name of a famous brand of machines depilatory. Shortly before, after discovering that in the official magazine of Operation Triumph they had removed digitally the hair that lucy in the armpits during a performance at the end of OT, she he painted the hairs with a felt-tip pen on the photo retouched in some copies that were sent to you autographed by the singer to some followers.

Amaia Romero (second) accompanied by his companions 'Opeación triumph' Aitana, Anne, and Miriam posing on the red carpet of the awards 'Cosmopolitan'.

Amaia Romero (second) accompanied by his companions ‘Opeación triumph’ Aitana, Anne, and Miriam posing on the red carpet of the awards ‘Cosmopolitan’. Cordon Press

Another picture to remember the left to be a movie star in a red carpet for exactly 20 years. When Julia Roberts went to the premiere of Notting Hill in London the armpits without shaving and greeted flaunts her admirers by lifting the arm. The photo ran in newspapers such as the gunpowder (there was no social media then). Since then, the question has to be standardized. If today decorate covers and fashion campaigns, it is possible that your normal is almost final. According to a study published by the web Women In The World (Women in the world), one out of every four millennials do not shave their underarms.

Julia Roberts greets his fans during the premiere of 'Notting Hill' (1999) in London.

Julia Roberts greets his fans during the premiere of ‘Notting Hill’ (1999) in London. Getty Images

An attitude that gradually reaches the bottom marked by the aesthetics. “The marks are almost always asked us to delete the hair, but now they are leaving,” adds trimmer. “There are already some very well known of women’s underwear that show models with something of hair and even with its grain and imperfections visible. Do not use the tool in liquify to put or remove breasts or hips. Have abandoned an aesthetic very plastic to bet on the naturalness, but I want to quote naturalness because it is not naturally real. They are, simply, new canons of beauty. That does not mean that these photos and these women are real. This debate is absurd: all the photos, all, have something of imposture. There is natural beauty: only new canons of beauty that are more healthy and we need to celebrate”.

A few canons that are closer to the idea of a physical more diverse, but they are far from indicate that the photographs of the superstars in fashion campaigns and covers of magazines are real or natural. From 2017 it is mandatory in France that the photographs that have been altered the body of a model, using digital techniques to carry a notice that so indicates. Maybe the information and education are the best in regards to how we affect this type of prints.

“It would be good that we learn to read the pictures and all the processes to have more transparency,” concludes the trimmer. “It is a theme that is very recurrent in my classes. Many students come and say to me: ‘I don’t retoco’. Have you changed the tone of the photo and you have chosen a lighting instead of another? As you’ve already touched up. That body can be healthy and throw a good message, but it still has to be real.”

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