Halsey is achieved by rubber bullets and shrapnel while he was protesting | Today


Halsey also marched on this weekend in the protests that take place in the united States generated by the death of George Floyd. The singer was in the line of fire, expressing outrage, demanding justice and fighting against racism.

Through his Instagram, the artist is american -irish, Italian and Hungarian on her mother’s side and african american father – he shared several photographs showing that, in the marches of The Angels, they were being peaceful.

“We kept peaceful without moving, and without breaking the line. They opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas several times against citizens who do not have caused”, he wrote next to the first two images, which showed the police with protection team.

“The most I just ask that you have empathy. To reconsider. Consider humanity, history and the future of our nations. Opened fire several times. I was reached twice: once by rubber bullets and once by shrapnel. We were tear gassed repeatedly for hours”, he added.

Despite what has been said, Halsey was not arrested and is healthy and sound, although others were not so lucky. Via Twitter asked not to minimize the effect of these bullets and to consider the injuries that some, like her, have suffered weight be peaceful.