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2008 was a strange time, though not as strange as the one that is live now with a global pandemic and the lack of control of social in the united States. For many, it was in this year that there was a generational change also in the cinema, presenting classic characters from Hollywood that hung the mantle in order to give way to new stars, and among them was Will Smith.

For many years, the actor was a pillar within the film industry by his participation in “Independence Day” of 1996 and “Men in Black” of 1997giving more popularity to the already recognized interpreter of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. But for the 2008their successes had decreased and had the opportunity to participate in another big production, known as “Hancock”.

The tape tells the story of a drunk superhero that fight against crime with a bottle of liquor in one hand. This sounds like a comedy rampant, but in reality was designed as a tape-style superheroes. During almost the entire movie, the same Smith is frowning or even sad, and it was for this reason that many fans described as the decline of the actor.

However, some remember it fondly and that is why there are so many divided views with respect to “Hancock”. In addition, one of the things that further divided their fans was the final “happy” that left the character with its history closed up to a certain point, but paving the way to a sequel that never came.


“Hancock”: explanation of the ending and post-credits scene (Picture: Columbia Pictures)

In the final moments of the tape, Hancock he continues with his work of hero and stops a robbery in a store when one of the robbers shoots him. As you were recently near Maryperformed by Chaarlize Theron, loses her powers and becomes mortal, following the rule that the closer they are to each other, the weaker they become. Rápidmente take him to the hospital and Mary the visit to reveal that they have been together and separated from thousands of years ago.

Ago 80 years, when they lived together in Miami, went to see “Frankenstein” to a movie theater and were attacked. As they were together, and had no powers, he was seriously injured with a blow to the head that gave him amnesia. Mary left Hancock in the hospital, and as soon as it was, regained her powers and immortality.

It was as well as she realized that they had to be separated so that he could have his powers and be a hero. Ray (Jason Bateman) and your child will also visit Hancock and suddenly, in comes the main villain and responsible for the previous robberies to attack him. Both Mary as Hancock are severely injured and the thief almost killed Hancockbut Ray help just in time and cut the other hand of the thief.

“Hancock”: explanation of the ending and post-credits scene (Picture: Columbia Pictures)

Hancock away from the hospital for that Mary he can regain his immortality, and so save her life. A month later, Ray and Mary they are still together and Hancock continues to fight the crime. During a call to his companion, he tells you to look at the sky and this is surprised to see the logo Ray All Heart on the moon.

During the end credits, Hancock responds to a hostage situation and it is suggested that saved all. Then the movie ends leaving everything closed. Ray and Mary married and living a normal life while Hancock he has learned to deal with people to become the hero that the city needed.

“Hancock”: explanation of the ending and post-credits scene (Picture: Columbia Pictures)

By the side of argument, Columbia Pictures he could have created a sequel telling what would happen with Hancock and with Mary considering that both are still immortal, after the death of Ray. It is difficult to know what other problem you might have faced already that their main problem remains unless you find a way to break their bond and get to know their true origins.

In contrast, in the sense of the film as such, and the actions of Will Smith specifically, viewers drew links between the decline of the career of the actor with this character, but in the end I would know that re-invent themselves to adapt to a new audience, such as what has been shown to become a influencer in YouTube and Tik Tok.


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