Jennifer Aniston should be murdered, wrote Harvey Weinstein


Court documents reveal that Harvey Weinstein he said in a e-mail that someone should “kill” the actress Jennifer Anistonand before the accusations of abuse against, called in the help of personalities such as the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

The documents, which were made public Tuesday, indicate that the October 31, 2017, with the movement #MeToo in full swing, the representative of Weinstein Sallie Hofmeister reported to the producer through an email that the magazine Enquirer threatened to publish a story that noted that Aniston it had been also a victim of their abuse.

Enquirer claimed that Aniston had told a friend that Weinstein had touched the rear on several occasions during events related to the film “Derailed” (2005), and that “staring at your cleavage”.

About 45 minutes after receiving the email address of your representative with the information that I thought to publish the Enquirer, Weinstein responded with a terse email: “Someone should kill Jennifer Aniston”.

The emails are part of the numerous documents filed in the Supreme Court of Manhattan, where is has been judging Weinstein since the 6th of January, and that have been made public a day before the reading of his sentencescheduled for this Wednesday, after being found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal act sexual in the first degree.

After learning of this lapidary phrase Weinsteinthe representative of Aniston, Stephen Huvanesaid that the information of the Enquirer, which was never published, was “false”.

“Jennifer has never been harassed or attacked by Harvey Weinstein,” said Huvane, who made the producer “I never was close enough to her to touch it,” and the two have never been alone.

The court documents also reveal how the Weinstein asked for help to some of the politicians and businessmen more importants from EU. when they began to lloverle accusations of abuse to try to prevent the board of directors of the production company that he had co-founded terminated.

The producer sent emails to both the mayor of New York and candidate removed the primary democratic Michael Bloolmberg as the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and the CEO of Apple and the financial institution Goldman Sachs, Tim Cook, and Lloyd Blankfein, respectively.

“The only thing I ask is to let me ask for a leave of absence and start a intensive therapy (…) to be able to rise and have a second chance,” said Weinstein in their messages of distress.

He argued in them that “many of the accusations are false” and that the attempts of its board of directors have of the company were not only wrong, but that they were “illegal” and could result in the “destruction of the company”.

Most of the politicians and businessmen who received the request for help from Weinstein were never answered.

Weinstein, 67, was found guilty by a jury at the end of February sexual assault in the first degree, which carries between 5 and 25 years in prison, for practicing oral sex to force you to the production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006; and of rape in the third degree, punishable with a maximum of 4 years, against the aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

The public Prosecutor asked for this weekend a sentence that reflects “the seriousness of their accusations” and “lack of remorse for the harm that has been caused”, in addition to argue to the judge the producer had a history of assault and harassment sexual, bad behavior and bad actions in the work environment and other diverse actions since 1978.