Jennifer Lopez shows itself to be against racism in the united States


From several days ago United States live moments of struggle, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, in this sense, we have raised protests against racism, and the artists are no strangers, specifically Jennifer Lopez he has spoken about it.

Through their social networks said outraged by everything that happens in your country of residence, and about the brutal way in which police officers abused their power to murder a man in Minneapolis.

It is for this reason that the singer of “Waiting for tonight” released through his account of Instagram a picture and video of the activist Nelson Mandela, who just fought for the rights of the african-american community.

“This is not between black and white. This is all against the racism,” Said the so-called “Diva of the Bronx”.

Look at the publication of Jennifer Lopez

This is not the first time that the current pair of Alex Rodriguez declares in favour of a group for reasons of discrimination, since, during his participation in the Super Bowl last February showed a flag of Puerto Rico, protesting against the current government, which has been very clear in their message of hate latinos.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez goes through a complicated time, because the Diva of the Bronx had to cancel her wedding with Alex Rodriguez because of the pandemic by coronavirus, which had a little “thrown out of balance”.

However, the pandemic and more of the fight that lives in the united States have been sufficient for the former couple Marc Anthony remember your responsibility as a public figure, and send a message of solidarity to those who struggle against the abuse of power and the injustices in his country.

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After these publications, he received hundreds of comments by his fans, who supported him at all times, and thanked for his stance against the demonstrations.