Jenny Bui, the creator of the fabulous nail-jewelry Cardi B


In a city with thousands of manicure, the Jenny Bui, in the Bronx, became a place: the clientele comes from far away so that “the queen of nail jewels” will make the hands.

New York, Feb 7 2020 (AFP) – In a city with thousands of manicure, the Jenny Bui, in the Bronx, became a place: the clientele comes from far away so that “the queen of nail jewels” will make the hands.We are far from the elegant salons and zen-like atmosphere of Manhattan, or of the fashionable places where they are most concentrated fashionistas who attend the Fashion Week of New York, which began on Thursday. To get to the “Jenny’s Spa” you have to pass a threshold dirty in a neighborhood of shops in the Bronx, and up a steep staircase.Jenny Bui, a refugee cambodian of 50 years, mother of five children. But it is also the artist of nails preferred Cardi B and a celebrity in social networks.The salon will exhibit large pictures of her with the rapper famous for his single “Bodak Yellow” (2017), which leads in general nail ostentatious, of five centimeters, and with appliques of crystals sparkling. The exhibits often as the feathers of a peacock.Cardi B was little known in 2012 when he “discovered” Jenny Bui, who then had a small lounge in Harlem. “The first time they came (Cardi B) I didn’t have time” for their care, recalls dr Bui, who was then very busy feeding their new account on Instagram.But the second time Cardi B was served and was happy. The rapper became a client regularly and began to show the creations of Jenny Bui to her 50 million followers on the social network.It is now imitated in many places by people willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a few nails extravagant, that last four to six weeks.”It helped Me a lot to make the business go,” says Jenny Bui on the rapper and exbailarina of estriptís. “It is a faithful and humble, never forgets who helped them in their beginnings”.
– Influences essential –
The praise of Cardi B attracted the attention of other “influencers” in the world of fashion and beauty, which contributed to the success of your salon.One of them is Paula Galindo, of colombian origin, which has a video blog with 8.5 million subscribers on Instagram. In January, he entrusted for the first time your nails to Bui and filmed each stage of the creation with your camera installed on a tripod.”It is truly beautiful,” said the 25-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles, after two hours of manicure. Then she posted it all on Instagram.Thanks to the “influencers” that the recommend, Bui has a contract with Swarovski, and a line of nail products that bears his name, “Jenny’s Secret”.Its reputation has crossed frontiers: travels to Paris and London to teach his art.”I love to travel across the world to teach,” he says. “Before I die, I would like to show everyone what I can do”.
– The exception –
The success of Jenny Bui is rare in an industry of nails that employed 24,000 manicurists in New York in 2018, essentially asian immigrant of the first generation.While the turnover of the industry is closer to 4,500 million dollars in 2015, a number of studies showed that the violations of labour laws were commonplace in the salons, from a wage lower than the minimum up to the lack of sanitary conditions basic.Jenny Bui was successful. Your hard work and the support of her second husband played certainly a role in the achievements of this woman, who recounts how he escaped as a child to the massacres of the Khmer rouge in Cambodia. “When I start to talk about it makes me want to cry,” he says in an English balbuceante, remembering the hunger and the fields of corpses without being able to hold back the tears. His parents managed to finally brought to Canada, and after his first marriage moved to the united States.First tried to be a hairdresser, without much success, before finding a job at a salon manicure.After two or three years he opened his own salon. At the beginning I was the only employee.Had the idea of doing nails extravagant, brilliant at the beginning of the year 2000, after observing the japanese fashion. “At the beginning he was not interested in anyone,” he recalls.Today manages two salons, has 20 employees and a regular clientele. “Are addictive,” he says. “You don’t need to wear jewelry”.cat/lbc/ll/gma