Justin Bieber pays bail of those arrested in the protest by George Floyd



The famous singer, Justin Bieber, has completely changed his way of seeing the world and with this, has found other reasons to spend your incredible heritage. After reinvidicar your life, stay away from drugs and marriage with his current wife, the model Hailey Baldwincould be countless good deeds that you are performing, the performer of “Yummy”, by the world.

Since the confinement required, the product of a health crisis that sparked the new coronavirus, better known by its acronym Covid-19, the young singer has shown solidarity with many people affected. Beyond making direct contributions to various foundations, also performed a song that became the anthem of the quarantine. The single not only won first place in Billboard, but also raised funds to help those most in need.

Justin Bieber And who else?

But the night of this Monday, Justin Bieber appears in the media, motivated to other charitable causes. It turns out that after the murder of african american man named George Floyd, who died suffocated by a police officer of the county of Minneapolis on the 25th of may of this year, there are many demonstrations that have flared in the south american country.

As these struggle was contained and dissipated by the authorities of the united States, there were a lot of detainees go to manifest and why Katy Perry; Ariana Grande; Halsey and Harry Styles and the same Justinhave been given the task of paying the bail of all the people who have decided to lift the voice for an innocent. It is worth noting, that not only is the death of a man, the battle is in favor of racial equality.

Despite the fact that many of these celebrities have decided to stay at home and share with their followers messages of encouragement, there are also other more extreme cases. For example, Ariana Grande and Paris Jackson decided to go to the marches and risked their safety to request a change in their country. This I happen to have woken up to the country and has been in the eye of the hurricane to its president Donald Trump.


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