Kanye West and Kim Kardashian threaten to bodyguard to sue you for 10mdd


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would have threatened to Steve Stanulis for supposedly having done comments false and defamatory statements about them, according to a letter published by TMZ in which it is stated that the subject would be sued $ 10 million if he comes back to talk about them.

Based on this information, the contract who signed the man in 2016 with them prevents you from talk of any matter relating to their lives.

The exguardaespaldas participated in the podcast Hollywood Raw in may. During the conversation he said he had worked for the rapper and which forced him to walk 10 steps behind him.

Lawsuit millionaire

According to the man, this had to be done for that photographers could capture the moment in which it passed by the street and so he appeared in the magazines specialized.

According to the subject, the musician was the person more self-absorbed that I knew, which caused him a call on the part of the legal representative of West to dismiss that it had a contract of that kind, because, he said, it was not even a employee time full.

The claim that your signature on the confidentiality agreement is falsified is ridiculous and just another desperate attempt for him to escape responsibility for their own actions illegal.


The legal representative of Stanulis he said that his client has not breached with your agreements with the couple and that there is no reason to believe that he spoke wrong or Kanye, or Kim.

I think your time and money would be more adequate to help with more pressing issues in our society that what happened many years ago.Zack Teperman, attorney Stanulis.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico