Kanye West and Kim Kardashian threaten with a multi-million dollar claim to their exguardaespaldas


Kanye and Kim sent a letter to a former member of his security team in which they accuse him of breaking the confidentiality agreement that it signed in 2016 by revealing secrets of his family.

From four years ago, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a stone in the shoe name and surname: Steve Stanulis.

This man was part of his security team and, after the conclusion of your professional relationship, do not hesitate to speak of the rapper to confirm his reputation of an eccentric artist falls short.

The marriage already threatened to take legal action against you in 2016, for breaking the confidentiality agreement he had signed in February of that same year, and now we have sent a letter through his lawyer demanding that you stop talking about your family in public or face the consequences, which would consist of a demand in the amount of ten million dollars.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian threaten with a multi-million dollar claim to their exguardaespaldas

The rapper and the socialite have resorted to this option after that Stanulis gave an interview to podcast ‘Hollywood Raw’ in which he spoke at length of the “hobbies” of the musician, such as, for example, forcing their bodyguards to walk several steps behind you on the street, although that made it difficult to protect it, or that someone in the circle of Kanye and Kim he alerted the paparazzi about your location so that they could photograph them.
Kanye Kim Kardashian exguardaespaldas
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Steve Stanulisthat he reinvented himself as an actor a long time ago and granted an interview to promote his latest film, insisted that he broke the terms of the confidentiality agreement because only they were considered “old stories” or “rumors”.

To be fair, Kanye and Steve they didn’t start their relationship off on the right foot: the first day they met, the rapper accused him of “not enough professional” by not informed in advance on which floor was his recording studio, causing a discussion in the elevator.

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“It was like crazy: ‘are you telling Me that you do not call in advance to inform you of where we were going?’. Went on and on with the topic, and would not stop. At the end I said: ‘Look, friend, we can do this in three ways…one, can you tell me what button to press and so I’ll know for the future. Second, you can press the button yourself and pay attention to for knowing it. Or three, we can stay here all day while I explain just how valuable is your time, not going anywhere,”revealed Stanulis in the podcast ‘Hollywood Raw’.

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