Karol G, and is forced to apologize after an unfortunate tweet about the Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd in police custody a few days ago in Minneapolis has sparked a incendiary wave of demonstrations and acts of protest in the united States that threatens to reach to trigger a social upheaval of unprecedented in the recent history of the country.

Many celebrities have wanted to add through the social networks with messages of complaint and allegations for the purpose of systematic discrimination against the black population that still beats strongly in the heart of the nation. However, good intentions are not enough, and least in a matter as delicate and important as this. And the singer Karol G has become a victim of his own willingness to be positive with a controversial tweet that has been generated in followed by a flurry of criticism and reproaches against his person.

The colombian had already been delivered two days ago on the topic of hand a message that read the following: “I don’t know who came up with dividing the society by ‘Races’. You do not have a friend-white, a cousin of black or a fellow caucasian. You have a friend, a cousin and a companion. Fuck that”. His words, on this occasion, were highly applauded, but only a few hours later, the situation gave a 180 degree turn.

And is that the interpreter, with the intention of making another contribution to the campaign virtual anti-racist, not came up with another thing share a photo of your dog, a puppy coat clear with spots of dark color, along with the following comment: “The perfect example of the White and the Black TOGETHER look beautiful”. The tweet, strikethrough right away of frivolous and unfortunate, led her to become a Trendig Topic immediately and to that an avalanche of internet users will take over.

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