Karol G is criticized for a controversial message on racism

Many are lashing out at Karol G in the midst of social tension by the protests against racism.

Mir in the video why the colombian singer is wrapped up in this controversy.

At the end of march, circulated catches in which it is alleged that Anuel and Karol G they hurled insults, homophobic Bad Buny for the premiere of the video I Dirty Dancing, Single, where it appears as a sexy woman.

Anuel not only was the networks to say that those pictures were fake, but dismissed that related to the disclaimer that he had made to colleagues in the industry with that video clip.

For its part, Karol broke out and published: “Unemployed people doing tweets fake? They were never words of mine!Never in my life have I had a problem with anyone or their race or their sexual inclination”.

He added: “NEVER. And sorry this in front of an artist that I admire as much as @sanbenito RESPECT!”.

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