Kate Beckinsale returns to the latex in the last tape of ‘Underworld’


The british actress Kate Beckinsale dress new your mesh of latex to put themselves in the role of the vampire Selenein the latest installment of the saga of horror ‘Underworld’ on the fight among the nocturnal bloodsucker, and the primitive werewolves.

Blood, guts, fights, far-fetched and turns of the nut hilarious so excessive are the watermark of a saga that began in 2002 and that delivery this Friday, January 6, 2017 fifth edition: ‘Underworld – Blood Wars‘.

Directed by Anna Foerster (‘Criminal Minds’), the tape is co-starring Theo Jamesstar of the series ‘Divergent‘and Lara Pulverfrom ‘Sherlock’. In it, the vampire warrioress Selene has to defend against the attacks of the brutal werewolves, as well as a faction of his clan of vampires that has been betrayed and wants the power.

The simplicity the script in contrast with the own Beckinsale, a well-respected actress that makes campaign Los Angeles by a acclaimed movie of time while you promote in Miami this saga ‘gore‘that gives their fans a pleasure culpable.

The interpreter 43-year-old was nominated for the prize Critics Choice to best actress of comedy by ‘Love & Friendship‘(based on a novel of Jane Austen), but lost the award in the ceremony in December.

But for Beckinsale, who moves fluently between different genres, no contradiction between the role of heroin sexy mesh tight and its role in the industry the film as inspiration for the women.

“I don’t think the first ‘Underworld‘it would have worked if the character had been openly sexy or sexualized, ” he told AFP in a hotel in Miami. “Yes you have this suit latex, but shows no skin with your breasts out.”

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In contrast, the actress british -who won fame in 2001, thanks to ‘Pearl Harbor‘and ‘Serendipity‘- he thinks that the role of vampire warrior gave a legion of the faithful fans throughout more than a decade it is rather sober.

Selene “looks good, but does not have this glitz sexually stimulating. If it were only that, would not have come to have five moviesbecause that would not have been interesting to long-term”.

While the previous deliveries of the saga had reviews devastating and this does not promise to improve such reactions, ‘Underworld‘it is anyway recognized in the industry as one of the first sagas featuring a woman in a gender –action– where women tend to be decorative.

“With the first ‘Underworld‘it was quite novel that a woman had the main role in this type of movies, ” said Beckinsale. “Yes, I was Ripley in ‘Alien‘”he added, referring to the character played by Sigourney Weaver in the saga alien, “but other than that not many”.

Then came other movies of action featuring womenas ‘Kill Bill‘, ‘Resident Evil’ and, more recently, ‘The Hunger Games‘, for example. “No longer is a novelty and it is a rare privilege have been a part of that,” said the actress london.

In the magazines of the heart, Beckinsale -a woman educated in Oxford– is praised for its impeccable style the dress and its intelligence, which is usually referred to as an unexpected asset in a actress.

“I guess it’s surprising to find yourself in a industry where people usually question these things,” he said. “But the women we are not allowed to be seen as other things in addition to beautiful. We are all many things. If someone by chance is nice, that’s not even a personal achievement”.