Kate Beckinsale talks about her relationship with Pete Davidson


Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale have become without a doubt in the couple surprise of this 2019.

When it was linked for the first time, after the gala Golden globes, it seemed very unlikely that between the two would have arisen really any type of connection, not so much by the age difference of two decades that separates them but by the fact that he had just broken up months before their commitment with Ariana Grande , but for once the rumors proved to be true and there is no doubt that the actress and the comedian have begun a relationship that has been consolidated at a speed of vertigo.

The song of Ariana Grande that he wrote to Pete Davidson

The protagonist of the saga ‘Underworld’ just to talk for the first time in a direct way about his new romance, to respond to their critics and the impact he has had on an international level.

“I was surprised by all the interest. Never before I had found myself in this position, I had never gone out with someone who came with his own load of mischief. It is all quite shocking and need to get used “acknowledged in an interview to The Los Angeles Times. “I think that if the other person would like something less, you’ll kill it leaving. If that were the main engine of the relationship, it could be a problem. But that is not the case”, clarifies.