Katy Perry and Harry Styles pay bail to those arrested in the protests of the united States


Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more artists have decided to pay the bail of those arrested in the protests. It is a clear signal of support for everything that is happening in the united States after the murder of George Floyd.

Currently the entire planet has been united in a single side. The global outrage that has been sparked by the murder of a police officer to George Floyd, has caused thousands of demonstrations all over the world. The worst part is the has been the united States, with looting, rioting, and attacks on a daily basis.

The most well known faces in the country not to have gone silent For this reason, to demonstrate that they are on the side of all the people condemning the racist acts, Halsey, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Harry Styles have put their hands to the work.

Have wanted to contribute their grain of sand to pay the bail bond of all the detaineesby showing your support and, above all, reaching out the hand. It is clear that they are not alone.

Anonymous and famous all over the world have united in one voice, demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. In case outside little, have required Donald Trump to assume responsibilities as president of the united States.

The movement of ‘Black Lives Matters’ has spread around the world and there are many cities in which they are carrying out protests demanding justice for the death of Floyd. Let us remember that he died suffocated under the pressure of the knee of a police officer being restrained.

Other artists such as Halsey, have joined together to give food and drink to the protesters. All of this despite being attacked by rubber balls thrown by the security agents. It is evident that this movement has begun, it will be impossible to stop!