Katy Perry and his co-workers appeal lawsuit of plagiarism for ‘Dark Horse’


Katy Perry and their partners from the simple ‘Dark Horse’ they have presented this week an appeal to the verdict July by plagiarism against you.

Variety announced Friday that the legal team of the defendants have asked the California courts that revoked or open a new trial about: “The verdicts are erroneous in this case and the precedent set thus present a serious harm to the creators of music and for the music industry in general.”

Last summer, Perry and the five co-authors, which include Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Circuit, as well as the label Capitol Records, were ordered to pay 2.78 million dollars that is a copy of the rap song christian ‘Joyful Noise’.

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The money must be awarded to Marcus Gray and his two co-authors for the song of 2009, launched under the name of Flame. The lawsuit was filed five years ago and finally received a verdict in the middle of this year.

“Any investigator reasonably could have concluded that ‘Joyful Noise’ it was so well-known that one could reasonably infer that the Defendants listened to, particularly in this digital age of overload of content, with billions of videos and songs available for users with billions of currents”, he argues the appeal.

Photo: AFP

The plaintiffs argued that no evidence of any sale and there is no documentary evidence of any reproduction of radio or television, or interpretations of actual ‘Joyful Noise’

Of the total sum, Perry must pay 550 thousand dollarswhile the record label Capitol Records will be responsible for the greater part of the payment with 1.2 million dollars.