Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are threatening to sue the escort that exhibited


This is not the first time that Kim and Kanye threaten his ex-bodyguard. In 2016, warned him that they would take legal actions against you and demanded a public apology.

Currently, Steve no longer escort anyone; and is now an actor and film director and is about to premiere a film in which she shared credits with Tara Reid. Your representative already spoke about the alleged violation to the confidentiality agreement:

“There was no breach of any confidentiality agreement. My client did a podcast to promote his new film and spoke of old stories they already knew.

“The fact that Kanye and Kim you will be sent a letter threatening to intimidate my client against their rights is unjustified. My client has already made clear that respects Kanye and the time in which they worked together. If Kanye and Kim want to go beyond that, it depends on them, but I think that your time and money would be more adequate to help with more pressing issues in our society”, said the representative of Steve the site TMZ.

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