Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae share their best routine for the rear


Kourtney Kardashian continue engaging fully with your blog health and lifestyle, Poosh. It’s part of your journey to grow your brand includes videos weekly YouTube! The last thing is with the star of TikTok, Addison Rae.

The personality of the Internet is a dancer, which quickly rose to fame after joining TikTok, bringing together more than 40 million followers. She also has a channel YouTube but it is not so active there as your other accounts.

Addison has 19 years and a million-dollar fortune in his bank account thanks to the video platform.

Tik Tok has launched to fame in the various young people of the united States, among them is the dancer of last name Lopez Easterling now has contracts worth millions with various brands/Photo: Saveig

The Wednesday, may 27, Kourtney Kardashian took to Addison Rae as his guest on a live session of Poosh! Kourtney was so excited to get to Addison and the two of them put up with life for a few minutes before the start of the training.

Addison was very excited to join the session and teach you to Kourtney his training back in six minutes. Because, hey, not everyone can go to the gym these days. Sometimes, all you need is a quick workout for your heart to function and your muscles to move!

Kourtney Kardashian exercising with Addison Rae

The training is simple and easy to follow, the best thing of all is that you don’t need any gym equipment. What are the steps? We’re going to drill down!

First, you do 30 seconds of kicking ass on one leg, change leg and do 30 seconds more. Then, hydrants fire for 30 seconds on each leg. Finally, the extensions of hydrants fire for 30 seconds on each leg. That completes a session of three minutes, so that repeated a time to get six minutes.

Simple, right? However, do not be fooled, you will feel the burn.

Kourtney tells Addison that reminds these workouts of their college days. Sometimes, they are simple exercises that you need most, is not all that heavy equipment. It’s like Khloé Kardashian shared when they joined Kourtney in Poosh, I ten minutes on the jump rope are great for the body!

Look at the video below:

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In the video, Kourtney Kardashian tells Addison Rae, next time, I will teach you how to Addison your own training! We can’t wait to see what the exercise of Kourtney!