Kourtney Kardashian and her tip to get your eyebrows at home


Are you accustomed to leaving your brows in the hands of a beauty professional? If this is your case, and during the last few weeks you have not been able to attend; and feel what you don’t know well how to give maintenance to the same by putting in practice some tips professionals.

Thinking about it Kourtney Kardashian has recommended through its website Poosh an article, in which through the guidance of Anastasia Beverly Hills gives simple guidelines for you to appear well-preserved in these times of being at home and keep your look well framed.

Blonde woman pulling out their eyebrows with clamp©Istock
Take off the eyebrows with clamp has a remarkable advantage: it removes hair from the root and making sure you extract all you want

Without a doubt, eyebrows highlight our beauty and enhance our look and there are some basic guidelines to give you the perfect way, no matter what your face or the size of your eyes. To do this, Anastasia Soare –founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills– it is based on the theory of the golden ratio for esculpirlas, as explained to People. This aesthetic tool is applied into clients of the stature of Michelle Obama , Naomi Campbell the Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

The theory of proportions, aesthetic

Among its principles states that the eyebrow should begin at the height of the middle of the hole of the nose. The end of the brow must coincide with the line formed between the flap of the nose with the outer corner of the eye. And the highest point of the eyebrow up to the center of the iris.

As explained by Anastasia Poosh this patented method allows you to determine where you should start, arch and finish your eyebrows according to the bone structure: “the use of these three marks will help you to fix the eyebrows to create a better balance and symmetry”.

Cosmetologist by measuring the eyebrows of a woman©Istock
With a template, you avoid leaving one eyebrow thicker than the other

Also called Queen of the browsadvises use a template as a guide to keep the symmetry between both, as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Stencils ($20.00) that are made of flexible plastic, durable and easy-to-use –as is suggested in the specialist–.