Lady Gaga admits that he stole the diamond of Tiffany who took the Oscar


Lady Gaga is an artist who loves good fun. The interpreter of “Stupid Love” was recently interviewed with Graham Norton and he narrated his crazy night alongside Madonna after the delivery of the prizes Oscar in 2019; it was undoubtedly a big night for her, but the odyssey was loaded up with an item hilarious: accidentally stole the diamond Tiffany used by Audrey Hepburn in posters promotional baby Doll luxury – 88%, a film better known as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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We all remember the iconic movie whose plot focuses on Holly Golightly, a beautiful young woman of New York of behavior quite peculiar, for example, takes his breakfast in front of the famous jewelry store Tiffany. A day unexpected appears in your life Paul Varjak, a writer well similar who is in search of a better horizon in their work. The paths of both intersect and give meaning to a romance, glamorous and unique in Hollywood, which has become one of the tapes most iconic in the history.

Lady Gaga had the opportunity to wear the famous yellow diamond of Tiffany the Oscar-2019, valued nothing more and nothing less than US$ 30 million. The precious stone was discovered in 1877 in south Africa and subsequently purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the prestigious brand of jewelry. The piece has been exhibited on numerous occasions and only Lady Gaga had the opportunity to use it since 1962.

When the composer of 34 years was presented to the Oscar-2019 with the diamond, all eyes were on her. Clear that the safety features of Tiffany were next to her all night, so it says Gaga in his testimony to Graham Norton. In the emotion of the night and their award for Best Song for A Star is Born – 92%, the singer lost the notion of reality and left the event with the piece hung on his neck with no warning to people Tiffany.

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I thought that I already had too much security before putting on the diamond, and then I wore it and I asked myself: ‘am I the president?’ I didn’t understand what was happening, it was really fun because I didn’t know what was going to happen that night, but I was very excited to be there, this is how I usually feel at these events. […] Then I won the Oscar and was very happy, I was drinking champagne and my sister was my appointment; I simply went and had the diamond set, I told no one, only I went. And Tiffany were outrageous: ‘It was, it was with the diamond!’

The interpreter continues:

And in reality I had been partying with Madonna and his managers to his house, and I was having fun with her, but with all of these types of security watching me from the corner of the room. Every time he kissed someone was coming to make sure it’s still what he was wearing, and then I went and really wanted to go to Taco Bell and the car safety, Tiffany was arrested, and so very educated, they removed the diamond from my neck.

In these moments Lady Gaga she is enjoying success, thanks to the launch of “Chromatica”, their sixth studio album is sweeping the charts. In addition to “Stupid Love” we can find other topics of great impact as “Rain on Me” alongside Ariana Grande and “Sour Candy” with Blackpink. Thanks to this new job, Gaga reaffirms its position as one of the great pop artists of our time. “Chromatica” is a powerful compendium spanning the dance, pop, house, disco, and electropop, what will be important prizes over the course of the months?

Lady Gaga it is also famous on the big screen for their shares in Machete Kills – 28%, Sin City 2: A Dame For Which To Kill Him – 42%, and of course A Star is born. In 2016, appeared on the sixth season of American Horror Story: Roanoke – 78%.

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