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The united states is experiencing one of the most complicated moments of the past few years with a society visibly enraged by the murder of George Floyd, a citizen of an african-american who lost his life in the hands of the police, on the 25th of may, in Minneapolis, so that thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the racism and several celebrities have paid your bail, including Harry Styles.

Harry Styles

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The british singer, through its account of Instagram, he shared that it had helped economically to a number of inmates to leave the jail, an action that demonstrated their support for the marches against racism, as it is considered an ally of the movement “BlackLivesMatter.

“I do things every day without fear, for I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white. Not to be racist is not enough; we must be anti-racist. Social change is enacted when a society is mobilized. I sympathize with all those who protest,” wrote the singer of “Falling” on Instagram. Also read: The 6 best songs of Harry Styles

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“I’m donating to help pay for the bail of the organizers arrested. Look inward, educate yourself and others. Listen, read, share, donate and vote. Enough is enough. The lives of black matter,” added Harry Styles.

Among other celebrities who have joined the cause and have donated to the detainees are the actors Steve Carrell, Seth Rogenthe singers Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae and Halsey, who received a shot of rubber during the event, the singer Justin Bieber and the actress Cynthia Nixon, among others.

Harry Styles


The movement of Black Lives Matters it has spread around the world and there are several cities that are home to rallies and protests to demand justice for George Floyd, who died under the pressure of the knee of a police officer being restrained while he pleaded: “please, I can not breathe”.

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