Lea Michele brought tears to Hailee Steinfeld when she was only 14 years old


Lea Michele has returned to have the reputation of being a bad girl. The former Broadway star, 33-year-old, who rose to fame in the american series Glee in 2009, he left Hailee Steinfeld shattered in 2010 when they crossed in the filming of Paramount.

Proving that Readknown as Rachel Berry in the program Fox, was not fond of the fans to come to her, Hailee revealed in an interview in 2011 that the singer rejected it when it came to his “idol” to ask him for an autograph.

Hailee shared that he saw Leah when she, 14 years old at the time, was audicionando for True Grit, which was eventually to star alongside Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in Hollywood, but it was not the kind of meeting that holds fond memories, as she was crying.

The star of Pitch Perfect, Hailee, told the magazine J-14: “When I was audicionando for True Grit, I was in the parking lot of Paramount. He wore clothing of the NINETEENTH century, which was large and uncomfortable. Glee also films on the lot and I love that program,” he added.

Hailee explained: “I Saw Lea Michele walk towards her trailer and I thought: ‘That’s the girl from Glee. I have to go ask him for an autograph!”. To prove that Read, known as Rachel Berry in Glee, was not keen to be contacted by fans, Hailee revealed in an interview in 2011 that the singer rejected it when it came to his “idol” to get an autograph.

Hailee began his career in acting since he was 8 years old, an age very similar which also debuted Read on Broadway.

The actress and american singer-which currently has 23 years managed to highlight on the screen thanks to the movie True Grit/Photo: Business Insider Malaysia

“So I approached her and asked her for her autograph, but she went and a guy came and said: ‘sorry, now is not a good time!’”. Taken aback by the result, Hailee admitted: “I Was so sad! He was almost crying on the way home”.

Rising above the drama and revealing that is still admired to Read, Hailee said, “But it is beautiful and has an amazing voice”.

Lea Michele is accused of being a racist

On Tuesday morning, Lea was accused of making the life of the co-star of Glee, Samantha Marie Ware, “a hell” in a powerful exchange of Twitter. The tv star pregnant was criticised by his former co-star of 28-year-old who accused Lea of abusive behaviour.

Samantha returned the blow to Read after he went to Twitter to show their support for George Floyd and the movement Black Lives Matter over the weekend. Lea tweeted on Saturday: “George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident, and it must end. #BlackLivesMatter “.

However, Samantha hit to Read the Monday to criticize the actress for her cruel behavior, and says that he was almost thrown out of Hollywood for the abuse that he claims to have suffered.

Responding on Twitter, Samantha wrote: “do you Remember when you did my first concert on tv a hell?” Because I will never forget. “I think I told them all that if you had the chance, I would do a shit with my wig!” among other microagresiones traumatic”.

She continued by saying the experience: “it made me question a career in Hollywood”. Samantha starred in 11 episodes of Glee in 2015, playing a character called Jane Hayward, and with the program as their first television project.

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Since then he has starred in other television programs like Chicago Med, God Friended Me, and the drama of Netflix What/If.