‘Love Life’ and ‘Dummy’: it is the time of Anna Kendrick


To simple view the film ‘A small favor’, one of the first on-demand discovered during the confinement -it was in the first positions in the list of the top ten Netflix-may seem an american production of the lot but we can situate it above the average, and, far from seem like a comedy, but enjoy a black humor grateful, raises a curious intrigue that winds with fluency and charisma. The film satirizes the ways of living of the XXI century. A blogger mother of a family immersed in the search of a friend who disappeared. The excuse serves to display a peculiar look and a tone well-measured that gives substance to a story seemingly beaten. The youtuber domestic, fond of the video tutorials of cooking, is delightfully played by Anna Kendrickwith his usual mixture of naive and mischievous. The actress, made famous by the musical comedy coral ‘Giving a note’, where she played a girl not given to the social life points to a group singing a capella university to overcome your fears, living a sweet moment in his career, with two series as the protagonist that they are giving what to talk about, especially the friendly and fun‘Love Life’that seems to be written to its extent. Premiered these days in HBO, is the first production of the seal Max. The other initiative that defends with her natural grace is ‘Dummy’available on the new platform Quibi, born to compete on all fronts, be it Tik Tok, YouTube or Netflix.

A frame of 'Love Life'.
A frame of ‘Love Life’.

Followers of Anna Kendrick are, therefore, of congratulations. The image of the actress, always smiling, able to fit in an unpredictable way any unexpected, works very well in the field of romantic comedy. You can pass for a girl power, unable to break a dish, and surprise all of a sudden with all the opposite, as in ‘Mr. Right’, the film by Paco Cabezas where pulls of the trigger without question. In ‘Love Life’, series modest and light created by Sam Boyd (‘In a Relationship’), is placed on the skin of a millennial new yorker who seeks the love of his life. In each chapter we witness his comings and goings sentimental with a different subject, each with its peculiarities. Fortunately, does not fall into the sentimentality cheap or in the silly worn out of ‘Amelie’, although the principle can be frightening in this sense, since a voice in off places once in a while things in your site as if it were a story.

Chronology sentimental

The petite Kendrick was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress for her work in ‘Up in the Air’ and almost takes a Tony with just twelve years for his participation in the Broadway musical ‘High society’. Yours is to sing, give the note, with a freshness worthy of mention. In ‘Love Life’ takes over the story, the series seems to be designed for their brilliance, even though, allegedly, in each season will change the face protagonist. The chapters, with an average duration of 25 minutes, devour without hesitation (they have already premiered the first three episodes and every Thursday will be joining the rest until completion of the batch of ten deliveries). The distribution that envelopes the protagonist provides smooth conversations and moments sparkling that raise the review to the sentimental life of Darby, a worker at a New York city museum. Not missing the pictures of the Big Apple, exultant scenario of the events of a girl’s lot in search of its average orange, an arduous task that gives rise to situations of all kinds, some imaginable. Zoë Chao, Peter Vack, Sasha Compere, Scoot McNairy and Lesley Manville rounding out the casting is a product that will grow as they move forward the patchwork of the biography loving.

‘Love Life’ is good to escape at times. Although it caters to the eternal formula, girl seeks boy, it remains optimistic and offers a tone charming. It works as a letter of introduction from HBO-Max, bet Warner to expand in the tough battle of visual and audio entertainment in streaming. In the united STATES is available from the 28th of may. In these parts, of time, the contents form part of HBO to dry, as is the case. The struggle for the spectator multipatalla has not done more to start. Precisely Kendrick stars in ‘Dummy’one of the series stars of Quibi, a platform for a new project that is going for it all and provides productions with chapters of short duration -around 10 minutes- to view on mobile mainly. Not allowed to share the broadcast with other devices, SmartTV rejects the signal, and the screen can be viewed in portrait or landscape format, showing different frames depending on the position of the cell.

If the multi-million pound investment of Quibi gives its fruits to be seen. For the moment we can enjoy with bets unique as ‘Dummy’, where Kendrick again makes good use of his vis comic and sympathy as a bride with wounded pride after discovering that your partner has sexual relations regularly with a doll in natural size. The erotic toy in question comes to life before your eyes, speaks to him and arises between them an eccentric complicity that point to a curious concept of friendship (and brotherhood). The first season of the series consists of 10 episodes that can be seen from the pull, as if it were a movie cut into pieces. Hooked and account with unexpected twistsbut the ultimate feeling is that their creators have not been able to squeeze well the starting premise. His subject matter has caused some controversy among the public at large. There are those who he has offended with the vision that playful theme. Some dialogues are not fit for minds, good thinking, but it doesn’t stop being a comedy digestible for pills, with less acidity of the possible and less bad milk of the desired.

‘Love Life’ is airing on HBO and ‘Dummy’ is already available on Quibi.