Madonna defies the censorship of Instagram and Katy Perry will be joined by


Madonna defies humor censorship Instagram Katy Perry joins
Photo: Shutterstock; Katy Perry and Madonna, Met Gala 2015

Since he began his career almost forty years ago, the flagship of the singer Madonna has been the scandal and provocation, that goes from his presentation at the MTV awards in 1984 singing “Like a Virgin” wearing a dress wedding, which was criticized for “promoting premarital sex” until her kiss with Britney Spears also at the MTV awards in 2003.

Once again, Madonna repeats best knows how to do (besides music, of course); to generate controversy and which will not amount what the people have to say. The singer posted on her profile Instagram a photo it appears in an armchair wearing a bra with transparent which let see one of her nipples, and surprisingly, it Instagram has not deleted!

Madonna defies humor censorship Instagram Katy Perry joins Britney Spears kiss
Photo: Shutterstock; Britney Spears and Madonna, MTV Video Music Awards 2003

It is not that we want that the deletedon the contrary , what is surprising is that the photo viola the famous “Community standards” this social networking belongs to Facebook, who in the rule “Publish photos and videos that are appropriate for a diverse audience” explains that the censorship photo & video “Also applies to some photos of nipples female.”

Photo: Instagram, community Standards

It seems that the exception to the rule applies to “the nipple of Madonna” and the singer knows it, because when he published the image captured by Steven Klein for W Magazine in 2009 (was 50 years), wrote, “current Situation of apparel… And for those who feel offended in some way by this photo, I want to inform you all that I graduated with success of the University of I don’t give a fuck. Thank you for attending my graduation ceremony, o Generation of 2020!”

This comic form to address the issue has been supported by other celebrities, such as Katy Perry that said, “my god, my God, I just enroll to that university” to which Madonna replied “You’re going to love being here” and we made the day. This photo takes a few days on Instagram and is about to reach a million I like, do the erase when I arrive?