Mariah Carey does not plan to perform the FaceApp Challenge


As happens each time a challenge is put of fashion in the virtual sphere, these last few days, the celebrities have been released in barrage to use the application that allows them to age their photos and imagine how it will affect you over time to please their followers and, as posts, to pre-empt third parties who may undertake the #face app challenge by them using the image less flattering as possible.


However, there is a star that is not willing to go through the ring: Mariah Carey. The diva of the music has made it very clear that, although recently fulfilled the #bottle cap challenge using your voice instead of a kick to open a bottle, now do not think of joining this latest viral phenomenon, and has done so with one of those tweets of yours that deserve to be framed

“I do not recognize the existence of FaceApp, “he said in a resounding way.

The interpreter resorted, even, to one of the many memes that it inspired you throughout your career to end support for its position, with a video in which he appears, saying, “don’t you see, can’t hear you,, you are dead to me”.

Can it be vanity?

That attitude is not surprising too in a person who has devoted his life to projecting an image as glamorous as is humanly possible, even in the situations more far-fetched -no one has forgotten yet that picture of him in the gym with high heels – and that refuses to celebrate anything as mundane as the fact of fulfilling one more year of life, for in her place to celebrate ‘anniversaries and vital events’.

By: Bang Showbiz / Photo: Getty Images